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Worship Music… or…it’s so pretty, don’t matter what we say…right?!

SO, I’m checking and updating my calendar at church…and there is nothing that goes better with updating your calendar than a little Family Force 5. For all of y’all who don’t know who that is, they are a crazy awesome band that has good wacky music you can dance to. The greatest part of them is that they are a really clean alternative to what the world offers. Anyhow, I was jamming out to their new remix album, when all of a sudden the mood changed in my office! Instead of an upbeat tune that causes my toes to tap and (gasp) hips to swivel, the music turns soft and dare I say melodic! The voice croons sweetly, and I feel as if I need to…ya know… sing along in a worshipful style. Swaying along to the music as I raise a hand in “praise.” Only, here’s the deal… the song is anything but worshipful! It’s all about throwing up one’s hands in celebration in a jubilant manner, as if one were at a party! (Here is the track) The music did not  match the lyrics. This is further evidence to me that what really makes a song worshipful is the lyrics. When doing praise and worship, how much of what we do is driven by emotions? Emotions are so deceiving! We often confuse our emotions with the movement of the Holy Spirit, and I believe music plays a key part in this… Have you ever noticed that churches who do alter calls never use fast upbeat music during them? The whole reason for this is to play on one’s emotions in order to invoke decisions! Music can be a dangerous thing. It can invoke feelings inside that can cause amazing outcomes! 

later days!



One thought on “Worship Music… or…it’s so pretty, don’t matter what we say…right?!

  1. Bro, I thought this was a track from the FBC Savoy Praise Team. JK
    True on the emotional part, so true. Had some people leave our church because of music and in the south you can find the church with what “they” think is the “right kind”. Not a clue about what worship is!

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