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Moving from Posterous…

Well, I was about to publish this amazing idea that came to me while talking about Minecraft with a student this Sunday. It was gonna be all inspirational and special, and make you think and whatnot. When I opened my blog page, I discovered that Posterous was going to be shut down by Twitter, and therefore I was going to lose my blog. Sad day!!! So I decided to move to WordPress. Gotta admit, it almost feels like I’m moving in real life! I had to copy and paste the stuff I wanted, and delete the stuff I didn’t. I had to design a new page (still not convinced on the color scheme… too light if you ask me!) and create a new “about” page. I hope you like the new space…just take off your shoes first please! Also, that post about MineCraft will come soon…I promise!

      Later days!


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